Lets Talk About Sex, and Lets Try to Keep the Clichés to a Minimum – “How do I know if I have [Insert Sexually Transmitted Infection]?”

If you’re reading this blog because you urgently need testing, we won’t make you read the entire blog to learn where to do that. The Testing Map encoded below shows locations around New Brunswick where a person can access testing. We recommend calling in advance to make sure that the information we have is still […]

Testing Day PosterFR for AGM

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Gettin’ Artsy in the “Chi”

With the help of the MAC AIDS Fund, AIDS New Brunswick’s Education Program has been conducting in-school art workshops. Students from Miramichi Valley High School and North and South Esk Regional High School have created art that presents their thoughts, understandings, and feelings about sexual health and their lives. This display demonstrates the resiliency and […]