AIDS New Brunswick seeks to:

Increase knowledge among vulnerable populations (youth, injection drug users, men who have sex with men, women, aboriginal populations, new Canadians) about HIV/AIDS prevention and testing through presentations, workshops, and distribution of information and materials.;

Improve access to prevention programs and support programs or treatment services for vulnerable populations through the delivery of programs, distribution of information and condoms, partnership activities, and referrals;

Increase awareness among People Living with HIV/AIDS about care, treatment and support options through the provision of programs, information and referrals;

Increase knowledge among People Living with HIV/AIDS about healthy behaviours and practices;

Improve attitudes among the general population towards HIV, persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV/AIDS) and vulnerable to HIV, which will be done through community events and  partnership work related to addressing social stigma, poverty, homelessness and other issues related to the social determinants of health;

Increase the capacity of staff, board and other volunteers to sustain and to strengthen the organization through training, planning, evaluation, fund raising and human resource management;

Improve collaboration across sectors and stakeholders to address HIV/AIDS through working group participation, network participation and other activities.