Are you PrEPped?

Until recently, to avoid HIV transmission in serodiscordant (where one partner is HIV negative and the other is HIV positive) relationships, high-risk drug use practices, and healthcare staff exposure, barrier methods and additional behavioural precautions were used to reduce the risk of transmission. A couple of years ago, PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) known as “Truvada” had […]

Accessing Sexual Health Services in NB

Accessing services in this province is tricky—particularly if you are from a rural area. Even if you have a family physician or nurse practitioner, perhaps you feel uncomfortable speaking with this person due to their possibly knowing members of your family or community. Maybe you would be more comfortable with a health practitioner who either […]

Sexual Reproductive Health Week

February 12th – 18th marks Sexual Reproductive Health Week. What is Sexual Reproductive Health Week? It’s a week to bring to light issues that people and healthcare providers face when accessing and/or providing sexual health services. Last year’s theme was “What’s Your Relationship Status?” which centered on the importance of developing good relationships with healthcare providers, […]

African, Caribbean, & Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

When talking about the history and ongoing travesty of AIDS pandemics, we have to be very careful to not forget the sociopolitical and economic factors associated with the disease. Of all infectious diseases, HIV is perhaps the most stigmatising. This is likely due to specific populations that are the most vulnerable to transmission, which often […]