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In today’s information age, most people will take to the Internet to find whatever facts or figures they may be looking for. Whether it is finding that perfect recipe, getting directions, or getting a crash course on any do-it yourself project, one thing we like to do is get a quick fix of information, especially […]

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Gettin’ Artsy in the “Chi”

With the help of the MAC AIDS Fund, AIDS New Brunswick’s Education Program has been conducting in-school art workshops. Students from Miramichi Valley High School and North and South Esk Regional High School have created art that presents their thoughts, understandings, and feelings about sexual health and their lives. This display demonstrates the resiliency and […]

CATIE Webinar: Positive Parenting

Presented by CATIE and the Interdisciplinary HIV Pregnancy Research Group (IHPREG), this three-part webinar series will explore issues related to HIV, pregnancy and parenting in Canada. The series will feature presentations from people living with HIV, healthcare providers and researchers. Webinar #1 – Planning Pregnancies in 2014: Options and opportunities for care of people and […]