Sexual Reproductive Health Week

February 12th – 18th marks Sexual Reproductive Health Week. What is Sexual Reproductive Health Week? It’s a week to bring to light issues that people and healthcare providers face when accessing and/or providing sexual health services. Last year’s theme was “What’s Your Relationship Status?” which centered on the importance of developing good relationships with healthcare providers, […]

It’s not always who you might think it is.

One thing I have never understood was the hierarchy within the drug using community. Like all other aspects of our society, there are different classes within the drug using population. Pot smokers are more accepted than coke smokers who are “better” than crack smokers. Smokers are “better” than snorters, who are better than injection users, […]

Threesome or Moresome – Protect Yourself

As many youth approach high school (or even middle school), peer pressure is somewhat unavoidable and scary. Even scarier is your ‘first time’. Either you’re a brown nose or goody two shoes because you don’t attend parties or sleep around. Or, you’re a slut because you do; regardless it’s a lose-lose situation, especially if you’re […]