Welcome, you have just taken the first step in protecting yourself and your partners.

Prevention is the only way to stop the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs).

HIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea are all preventable infections. Many STBBIs are considered in outbreak status throughout New Brunswick and across Canada, particularly among women, people who inject drugs, young people, and other vulnerable communities.

In Canada these infections are often spread through unprotected sex and/or sharing of injection equipment. AIDS New Brunswick offers programs and resources to help reduce the spread of these infections. Our Condom Distribution Program gives out between 20-30 thousand condoms each year, and our Needle Exchange Programs distribute safer injection supplies to more than 400 people each year.

We offer presentations/workshops about the basics of STBBIs, safer sex, needle exchange programs, and safer body modification (tattooing and piercing). Please call our office, or email to learn more or to book a presentation.

To learn more about our prevention programming please visits the links on the left.

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