Jocelyn Paul Skills Building Program

Program Overview

The Skills Building Program for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS was initiated by AIDS New Brunswick’s Board of Directors in March 2004. Funds were set aside to support opportunities for clients to participate in national skills-building events. Events may include the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) and Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network annual education workshops and Annual General Meetings, and the CAS Skills-Building Symposiums. The program aims to provide financial help for one client living with HIV/AIDS per year to participate in one of these skills building events. The emphasis of this program is on the client’s personal development. This means that the reason for sending someone to a skills building event is for their growth and learning – to give them experience at a large workshop where they can meet a variety of people and find out new information and hear about different people’s experiences. It is also a chance for a client to take part in discussion groups, and to help them feel comfortable with sharing their own views and ideas with others.

The Nomination Process

Any member of AIDS New Brunswick, a client, and/or a staff member can put forward a nomination of someone they feel would be a good candidate for the Skills Building Program for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS. There is a nomination form to be filled out; it includes open ended questions on why they would like to attend the event, and why they are a good candidate. Nominations must be received as early as possible and at least sixty days prior to the event.

Selection Criteria                  

A nominee must:

  • be a member of AIDS New Brunswick who is in good standing;
  • be a person living with HIV/AIDS;
  • not be a staff or Board member of AIDS New Brunswick;
  • be able to commit the time necessary to participate fully at the event;
  • have the ability to actively participate in and contribute to any discussion at the event;
  • have an interest in sharing information from the event with people living with HIV/AIDS and community organizations.

Guidelines for Distribution of Funds

The money in the skills building fund has been raised specifically for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and is to be used for this purpose only. The following conditions apply:

  • Final approval is dependent on funds available in the program fund.
  • All expenses (to a maximum of $2,000), will be paid for directly by the organization.
  • All air travel will be arranged by the organization; payment to the airline carrier will be made directly from the organization to the airline. Flight departure and arrival times will be determined by the lowest available economy fare, within reason.
  • All hotel arrangements will be made by the organization; payment to the hotel will be made directly from the organization to the hotel.
  • Meal per diems (allowances) will be provided for all meals not provided at the event.
  • Receipts for taxis, airport taxes, airport shuttles, etc. will be reimbursed after the event.

The appointed representative will be notified in person or in writing upon their selection. All nominees not selected will be notified in person or in writing.

For questions, or if you need help in filling out the form, please contact our:

Director of Community Development

1-800-561-4009 ext 103

Additional Note: preference will be given to those who have not previously participated in this program.