I need information on treatments

Your first contact for treatment information should always be your specialist. However, there are national organizations that specialize in treatment information.

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS)

How do I get my medications paid for?

New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program

What is the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program?

The provincial Department of Health and Wellness has developed Plan U: HIV Beneficiary Group. a prescription drug program for HIV positive New Brunswick residents. In order to qualify for drug coverage under Plan U, you must be a resident of New Brunswick registered as HIV positive by an infectious disease specialist.

How can I get medications not covered under the plan?

Your physician has the option to request products that are not covered under Plan U if the drug directly relates to your HIV status and:

  • the product is required to maintain a healthy or tolerable lifestyle or to control a chronic or long-term condition or disease, and purchasing it would create a financial burden on the applicant; the applicant’s physician has stated in writing why special authorization for each product should be approved; and
  • the specified product has been granted a Notice of Compliance by HealthCanada (the drug is licensed for sale in Canada and available at pharmacies).