AIDS New Brunswick has given me a chance to network with many different people and in turn has helped me make informed healthier choices in my everyday living as a person living with HIV. -Anonymous

Helping people to cope and improve their quality of life guides the delivery of all our support services for people living with HIV/AIDS and their informal and formal caregivers. We are committed to supporting persons living with HIV/AIDS and their friends and family members, communities affected by HIV/AIDS, and health, social or community workers. We strive to support individuals and organizations by providing and supporting opportunities for information sharing, skills-building, emotional support, peer support, referrals and advocacy.

AIDS New Brunswick’s support work seeks to:

  1. Increase awareness among PLWHIV/AIDS about care, treatment and support options through provision of programs, information and referrals;
  2. Increase access to programs and services for persons living with HIV/AIDS through provision of services, referrals, development of partnerships and policies;
  3. Increase awareness among service providers about the care, treatment and support needs of PLWHIV/AIDS through workshops, presentations, material and resources;